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All About Flapbooks
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What is a Flapbook? Well, read on to find out!
  • Find out exactly what a Flapbook is!
  • See an example of a Flapbook
  • View products and resources offering instruction on Flapbooks
  • Gain ideas and inspiration to help with your teaching
  • Learn how Flapbooks can enhance your many different studies
We call them Flapbooks because of all the folds and flaps you can use but they are also called lapbooks and project folders and probably many other things. They are quite the rage with homeschoolers these days, but the first place I ever heard of them was over twenty years ago when I purchased Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Books ( Dinah shows, amongst many other things, how to make lapbooks! I still have never quite figured out why she calls them lapbooks, but whatever you call them...they are FUN! While they are a fun project or report for any age they are especially great for young students.

A question folks often ask me is “When would you use a notebook and when would you use a Flapbook?” My answer is we would ALWAYS do a notebook and sometimes ALSO a Flapbook. The reason for this is that the notebook is a Key project and central focus to any study and if your child is completing 8 1/2 X 11 assignments (maps, vocabulary, poems, activities, worksheets, origianl art etc.) the notebook provides the place to organize connecting work as the student completes it. The only time we would do a Flapbook INSTEAD of a notebook is when we study something for a short time and have not spent much time researching or “doing” assignments but would still like to document and show what we’ve learned - so the Flapbook is the perfect solution!

A Flapbook is also a very good option for young students who are not yet completing lots of work on paper. It will provide a place for the child to creatively document what they’ve learned using colorful flaps of paper which the child can write just a word or two to accompany their sticker or picture and a few words or lines they have written. There are no rules and the sky is the limit for what students might do. Take a look at this amazing flapbook of The Old Testament. Don’t let the detail scare you away - this is just a great example of how extensive your work can be if you want to go that route. (The reason we carry this item is because we don’t have a “Study of” guide for this topic and this provides an excellent way to study The Old Testament and document your learning through this project!) This product is all laid out for you. $19.95 (CD rom)

History Pockets

Another wonderful resource to use either in your notebooks of Flapbooks are Pocket books - which include loads of information on your topic plus reproducibles. Very adaptable!

History Pockets
Have you ever heard of a FLAPBOOK before?
Here's what they are -
flapbook flapbook flapbook
A simple manila file folder like this: Folded in thirds to the center like this: Can you see the original fold line on the back?

What can I do with a FLAPBOOK?

Now you are ready to get creative! You can either use a plain, manila folder or you can purchase colored file folders. If you choose manila you might like to cover it with paper to make it more colorful and interesting. Since Flapbooks are hard to describe we thought it might be helpful if you could see a sample of one so we have included pictures of our daughter, Anna's, Flapbook that she made after studying The American Revolution. Anna was in the 2nd grade when she made this so you will notice that it is more simple and basic, but there is no limit to the age or degree of skill which can be put into these creations. Our older daughter, Brooke, who was in the 8th grade at the time, made a beautiful Flapbook in red, white and blue with lots of writing, research and detail.

Since we teach by the UNIT STUDY method, we like to make Flapbooks at the end of our study. It can be a way to "finish" the study with a project, but is also a great way to make a report. These folders fit nicely in the back of student notebooks so they will be protected and preserved. We usually only make a couple a year since they can be a bit more work...but they ARE fun and the kids really love them!

Example Flapbook Construction

After our American Revolution study, I asked the children "What was your favorite part to this study?" Anna decided she liked The Boston Tea Party, so she made her Flapbook on that topic. Below, you see the cover which Anna chose to make in bright colors to depict a "tea party."

flapbook      flapbook

flapbook Once opened you can see a world of delightful information revealed. On the center field you can see we've lifted a flap to reveal the date of the Boston Tea Party. flapbook
On the left flap Anna has put a stand up ship - The Dartmouth. The lower half shows a pocket with a tea bag inside showing "NO TEA" flapbook
flapbook This flap is split in the middle and look behind to see another flap with a picture of an Indian.
flapbook Inside this flap Anna has written some information about how the Sons of Liberty dressed up like Indians and dumped tea into the Boson Harbor.
If we move over to the right flap we see Anna has placed some quotes. flapbook
flapbook Inside this flap she has another flap where she has listed the names of some of the Sons of Liberty.

Don't forget the space you have on the back! We had some photos of the Dartmouth replica and placed them under flaps on the back
flapbook     flapbook

Now of course we can't tell you everything you need to know about Flapbooks here, so we've created a product called Everything You Need to Know About Flapbooks, but at least you can get a glimpse of a Flapbook and hopefully you'll catch the bug! Start Flapbooking!

Everything You Need to Know About Flapbooks


Everything You Need to Know About Flapbooks - comes with a sample Flapbook which contains many different types of folds. The instruction booklet will take you step-by- step through how to make different folds, pockets and flaps. It also is full of ideas and ways to use Flapbooks. $15.95

You don't have to just use them as reports. Flapbooks can also be used as teaching / memorization tools and also for a research project. For example, if your child is going to study a country of the world, each piece of information they gather can be demonstrated through a flap or section of the Flapbook. They really are great for all ages...even high schoolers.

The Flapbook Paper Packs

We offer paper packs which include enough paper, cardstock, file folders to make 8 Flapbooks. Each pack includes 8 11 X 17 sheets, 4 pieces of colored paper in 4 colors, and 4 pieces of cardstock in 4 colors, 16 1/4 sheets, precut cardstock for side flaps already scored and ready to fold and 8 file folders in bright colors.

Bright Paper Pack - $12.95 American History Pack - $12.95
(Includes red, white, blue, tan, and gray materials)
flapbook flapbook

Detective Flap
Topical Flapbook Packs are Here!

You’ll be excited to see our NEW line of prepared Flapbook Packs called Detective Flap...Spying on Learning. Now students can make a flapbook as they study a topic. We give you all of the “stuff” you need ...all you have to do is learn about the topic!
Available Packs: ($6.95 each)

  • Ancient Egypt
  • American on the Move (Early transportation and roads)
  • Cowboys
  • California History

Host a Flapbook Workshop!

The Flapbook Workshop is short and sweet and you only have to get 10 ladies together, so you can even conduct it in your own living room! Since the workshop only takes around 2 hours, most people can manage that. Each mom will actually make a Flapbook to take home! Jennifer or one of her expert daughters will teach you everything they know about Flapbooks, sharing many examples, samples, and ideas.

Fee: $20 per person.

For more info: Call 1 - 888-4 R - UNITS

If you live in California...if we’re planning an event in your area OR if you live within an hour or two from Sacramento, give us a call to find out how you can host a Flapbook Workshop!

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